We’ll miss you, Cirkeline

21 June 2016

Behind the wheel – An occasional series by Michael de Laine

Devoted, loving, independent – and, alas, no longer with us.

Cirkeline Havnevej 20160505

Cirkeline Havnevej 20160505

Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet cat, Cirkeline, after blood tests showed she had advanced feline leukaemia. With few red blood cells and no longer any white blood cells, Cirkeline’s immune system had stopped working, so it could not fight the virus.

She had been vomiting for the past five days, was listless and would neither eat nor drink. Her feline leukaemia was so advanced that the vet said she had only a short time left, and her lack of desire to eat and drink would mean a slow death.

We decided that having Cirkeline put down was far more humane.

That means no more clattering of claws on wooden floors. No more soft mews, Cirkeline, as you jump up on the bed to burrow under a quilt to sleep. No more hiding in cupboards, the laundry basket or a shoulder bag.

No more Cirkeline.

On the way home, in a shop window, we saw a sign: ‘Friends are easy to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget’.

A suitable epitaph for a sweet cat.

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