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Dubya’s back – updated!

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

7th November, 2016

Hi, Folks! I’m Dubya.

Sorry you’ve not heard from me for several months, but I’ve been enjoying life here at my retirement home in Crawford, preparing for Laura’s recent 75th birthday (what a wonderful woman and wife she is!) and painting, although that’s not been so much fun recently.

Also (and here I almost typed ‘alas’, which is just as appropriate), I’ve not been able to get a word in edgeways in public because of the noise generated during this long, exhausting and – thankfully – now-ended presidential election campaign.

I’ve become so depressed and introvert by this campaigning, by the killer clowns that have plagued our nation and by the many skeletons and bloody heads that toy shops and theatrical costume shops have been selling in recent weeks up to Hallowe’en that my paintings have started reflecting this.

They’ve become darker, duller – and many resemble Edvard Munch’s The Scream. This painting, which dates from 1893, I think, depicts a figure, perhaps a woman, standing on a balcony overlooking a party convention, holding her head in her hands and screaming.

If she’s at a Trump rally, her screech can probably not be heard… Maybe she’s protesting vocally at some of things he’s been saying about people of color, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims and women – and/or Hillary Clinton.

I just hope her protest, if that is what it is, didn’t lead to the type of physical assault that so many protesters at Trump rallies suffered.

I must admit that neither I, my father, my brothers nor Laura really understand how our Grand Old Party could elect a presidential candidate like Trump – others were better, far better, and even my brother Jeb is more suitable for this job, although he wouldn’t be as good as I was.

But it was a war of attrition, I guess, where people accustomed to speaking and hearing the truth at least half the time couldn’t in the long run survive on an unlevel playing field against someone whose adherence to truth and facts is about as large as the reported size of his wiener.

That reminds me of something else: sex. The Rump is bad enough with his attitude towards women etc., but that Clinton woman and her husband are little better. I must give Trump due credo for pointing out Bill’s handling of women, but I simply can’t understand how Hillary could choose as her closest adviser a woman whose husband hasn’t yet gotten weaned off his wiener, which is apparently so important to him that he has to show it off to all and sundry, old or young, and whose emails on his laptop computer (and I guess that’s what he used to take those photos of his laughable pride and joy) are mixed up with email exchanges between Mrs. Clinton and her closest adviser.

I know that the FBI says there’s nothing to incriminate Hillary Clinton, but there’s been too much focus on sex – especially pussy – in this campaign.

Both I and Donald got rich because of our fathers’ and grandfathers’ work and accumulated wealth, both of us started off by holding onto our fathers’ coattails, and both of us have squandered a lot of this money.

But I haven’t abused the law and let myself go bankrupt several times, dragging other people down with me and building up so massive a tax loss that I needn’t pay tax for many years. I’ve treated the people doing business with me with equanimity and fairness, readily accepted the quality of their work, paid their bills on time and not sacked people by the hundreds.

Anyhow, because his Manhattan-based business empire is highly geared and he uses loads of borrowed capital, Trump is the incarnate elitist tied to Wall Street and the establishment, even though he paints a portrait of himself as a protector of white men hit by immigration and globalization.

And I’ve had my fair share of women, especially when I was younger (at least I think I remember it like that), but not like Bill or The Donald, but I also treated them well.

Trump has no political experience, while Mrs. Clinton has so much political (quite a bit of negative) baggage that it almost weighs her down to the ground – and the thought that with Clinton you’ll get ‘two for the price of one’ (was it ‘Billary’ or ‘HillBilly’ they offered back then? – as indicated, my memory isn’t what it used to be…) is almost too good to be true when you consider how much money flows into US politics with little accountability…

So my vote? Well, Texas is so safe a Republican state that my individual vote won’t matter. Anyway, I’m undecided – should we elect the first woman to succeed the first Afro-American president? Or a many-times (four, I think) bankrupt businessman, for what will his experience lead to: national bankruptcy?

I dunno. Look at the slogans, which could decide it. Is ‘Stronger Together’ a more appropriate slogan than ‘Make America Great Again’ (especially when the rhetoric indicates this should be rewritten as: ‘Make White American Men Great Haters Again’)?

Years ago, on a visit to what soon will revert to Little England after the BreakIt vote in June, I picked up a 1,200-page, UK-published encyclopedia (actually, I could hardly lift it) from 1994. Its entry for Donald Trump runs to five lines. The entry for Bill Clinton (both born in 1946, by the way) runs to 36 lines; Hillary’s not mentioned – but the book jacket (‘dust jacket’ over there) carries a strip of illustrations, some of which I can’t identify, but others I can: a cod (I think), Nelson Mandela and… Hillary Clinton.

That’s as good a basis for my vote as anything else…


9th November, 2016

Well, well, well – look’s like the oil will flow again, now that The Donald has trumped climate change soothsayers.

I hear that The Donald has retracted his claims that the election has been rigged in favor of the Democratic Party.

My sources at Fux Nu(d)es tell me that Trump as President and with the backing of the Republican-dominated Congress will soon issue Presidential Decrees and other initiatives to:

* Disband the Democratic Party as a threat to national security

* Prohibit all immigration and emigration, including asylum-seekers and capital transfers, until he’s figured out what the hell he’s actually promised

* Open talks with Russian President Vlad Putsching and others, including Syria, North Korea and Iran, to create an international alliance of nations aimed at collaborating towards world peace

* Make violation of women’s rights a civic duty

* Initiate corruption investigations of Hillary and Bill Clinton, leading FBI officers, the media and the Democratic Washington establishment

In other news reaching my ears, I understand that Nige ‘Any Old Iron’ Garage is to use the euphoria resulting from the BreakIt referendum and Trump’s Presidential campaign to run for President of the Untied Kingdom of Little Britain and the Rump, while the European Union will open its borders (ex-UK) to political refugees from the US and the UK.

God Bless America in our nation’s most difficult time.

Sandra Reed – evicted, penniless – needs immediate help

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Sandra Reed has now been evicted from her apartment. With no money, she has no place to stay, nowhere to store her belongings, and no way to buy food. She needs immediate help to get in control of her life again.

Since Sandra lost her job in March 2014, she has been supported by her boyfriend, who has helped with the mortgage on her apartment, college tuition fees for an SAP course and living expenses.

Currently, Sandra is out of work but has been applying for a wide variety of jobs without success. She is a US citizen living in Manchester, UK, and receives no UK welfare benefits. Since losing her job, Sandra has had to sell clothing, jewellery and a computer to help fund her expenses. She has no more resources to draw on.

Because of financial difficulties, Sandra’s boyfriend can no longer support her. Consequently, Sandra has now lost her apartment as she has not been able to pay her mortgage for May and June, nor the forthcoming for July – 550 GBP a month.

Although she has completed the SAP course, Sandra has not taken the exam as there was no money for the fee (650 GBP), nor for the computer (estimated at 500 GBP) she needs to practice and maintain the skills she learnt on her course in order to get a job and start paying her way again, resuming her life.

In the meantime, she also needs to cover her living expense – accommodation, food and personal items. For the rest of 2015, or until she finds a job and starts getting paid, Sandra’s initial target is 2500 GBP by 30 June and a further 5000 GBP by 31 July 2015. But if she gets a job sooner, her needs will be lower.