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Danish Liberal leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen fails in first try at forming government

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

By Michael de Laine, Copenhagen, 22nd June 2015

Lars Løkke Rasmussen the leader of Venstre, the Danish Liberal party, admitted yesterday afternoon that he had failed in his first attempt at forming a new government; new discussions with other parties will continue in the coming days.

Rasmussen was charged by Queen Margrethe II with forming a four-party coalition, with the Conservatives, Liberal Alliance and the Danish People’s Party, with the aim of forming a government with 90 seats following the parliamentary election on Thursday.

Today he was charged with trying to form a government with fewer parties and seats, although such a narrowly based government must negotiate with the other parties in both the blue and the red blocs to prevent a situation where his government comes into a minority.

If a Rasmussen-led government faces opposition that can muster 90 seats – out of the 179 seats in the Danish parliament, Folketinget – he risks a vote of no confidence and a new election.

Currently, the blue bloc has 90 seats, while the red bloc has 89 seats after the voters in Greenland and on the Faroe Islands elected a total of four representatives, all from parties allied to the red bloc; however, they rarely take part in debates and votes in the Copenhagen parliament that do not relate directly to their communities.

Observers see stumbling blocks in the differing policies of Venstre and the Danish People’s Party on the EU, immigration, welfare and public sector funding, but the two parties’ combined strength – the Danish People’s Party’s vote share rose to 21.2%, up from 12.3% at the last election in September 2011, giving them 37 seats, up from 22; the Liberals’ vote share fell to 19.5% from 26.7% in 2011, giving them 34 seats, down from 47 – may be sufficient motivation for them to work around their differences.

Sandra Reed – evicted, penniless – needs immediate help

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Sandra Reed has now been evicted from her apartment. With no money, she has no place to stay, nowhere to store her belongings, and no way to buy food. She needs immediate help to get in control of her life again.

Since Sandra lost her job in March 2014, she has been supported by her boyfriend, who has helped with the mortgage on her apartment, college tuition fees for an SAP course and living expenses.

Currently, Sandra is out of work but has been applying for a wide variety of jobs without success. She is a US citizen living in Manchester, UK, and receives no UK welfare benefits. Since losing her job, Sandra has had to sell clothing, jewellery and a computer to help fund her expenses. She has no more resources to draw on.

Because of financial difficulties, Sandra’s boyfriend can no longer support her. Consequently, Sandra has now lost her apartment as she has not been able to pay her mortgage for May and June, nor the forthcoming for July – 550 GBP a month.

Although she has completed the SAP course, Sandra has not taken the exam as there was no money for the fee (650 GBP), nor for the computer (estimated at 500 GBP) she needs to practice and maintain the skills she learnt on her course in order to get a job and start paying her way again, resuming her life.

In the meantime, she also needs to cover her living expense – accommodation, food and personal items. For the rest of 2015, or until she finds a job and starts getting paid, Sandra’s initial target is 2500 GBP by 30 June and a further 5000 GBP by 31 July 2015. But if she gets a job sooner, her needs will be lower.